Our Legacy

Madison Star Couture was founded in 2008 by Misa Hylton, legendary Fashion Architect. Since its inception, it has been ahead of its time as it pioneered online fashion accessibility. Misa’s legacy of being a ground breaking and empowering force for women through fashion is the heart of this company. Misa founded Madison Star Couture with a vision for her daughter Madison Star to one day share that dream with her. The reemergence of Madison Star Couture is that dream realized. 

There wouldn't be Madison Star Couture without Misa Hylton. 

Today in 2021, Madison Star Couture is reimagined as a custom design fashion label focused on celebrating the diversity of women with our unique and one of a kind pieces. Based in New York City, We seek to inspire the world through art and clothing. Madison Star Couture is a global movement that celebrates the diverse nature of women through design and authentic fashion stories. Madison Star Couture will empower the next generation of multi-talented femme leaders highlighted the principles on which it was founded.